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4. Get an Energy Audit for Your Office

An energy audit can help you identify wasted or inefficient energy use in your offiuce.

3. Replace Old Lights with LEDs

Using LEDs can save 40 power plants from being built, according to the US Energy Department.

5.Move Environmentally Unfriendly Tasks to the Cloud

Move tacks that require paper,computers, faxes and phone systems to the cloud.

Conclusion:Save the Planet.Cut Down on Waste.

Easy and Cost-Effective Step:Switch from your fax machine to online faxing with eFax.




Steps to Your New Eco-Friendly Office

1. Choose Post-Consumer Recycled Content

This is material, used in products like paper and aluminum cans, that would otherwise be headed for a landfill.

Recycled paper used will save 24 trees.

Recycling with aluminum and steel saves 75% of the energy over using new materials.

2. Choose ECO-Friendly, Cleaning Product.

On your next office-supply run, examine the lables for eco-friendly properties. You can find them on anti-bacterial soap, computer-monitor cleaners,etc.

40% of standard household cleaning products contain dangerous element for the water supply.

85,000 number of chemucals introduced in standard household products.

70% of chemicals the EPA deems "possibly harmful."

25%-70% you can cut your energy bill by switching to energy-efficient lighting.

25%-70% you can cut your energy bill by switching to energy-efficient lighting.

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2. Choose eco-friendly, biodegradable cleaning products.

1. Choose post-consumer recycled content like paper.

3. Replace old lights with LEDs.

4. Get an energy audit for your office.

5. Move environmentally unfriendly tasks to the cloud.