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Complexity Thoughts

- Ali Anani, PhD -

The idea of this presentation sprang up in my mind while standing nearby trees, which were dancing and singing with the wind

Idea are like trees they branch out and grow and suddenly they start dancing and whistling with the storms of brainstorming

I took a video of the scene.

Can we predict where the wind shall send the branches? Stop the video and try to guess where a selected branch will move to

Even for a second in the future this forecast will be difficult to prove correct

Now, listen to the rhythm ofthe singing trees

Can you predict the next sound

As trees have fractal repeating patterns, so are sounds coming out of treesThe orderly trees make sounds of repeating patternsSound patterns coming out of the chaotic wind

We talk about the Butterfly Effect.How about The Wind Effect?

Not only that as trees have built-in pendulums in their leaves’ structure

Leaf mass acting as ball

Stalk Rebiola

Adjacent leaves go in different trajectories

The wind ensures that two adjacent leaves in a complex system will eventually end up in very different positions after some time has elapsed.Watch the video again and see how true this is

Thank You!